What Is Ketosis?

Causes Of Ketosis

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Besides low-carb dieting, several other causes of ketosis have been identified. Starvation, for instance, causes the body to burn stored fat, and thus, it can lead to increased production of ketone bodies. Some researchers believe having diabetes can increase an individual’s risk for the condition as well. This is due to the widely investigated correlation between diabetes and low insulin sensitivity, otherwise known as insulin resistance. Insulin resistance means the body’s cells won’t absorb the hormone, and as a result, glucose remains in the bloodstream.

Another factor regarded as a cause of ketosis is excessive alcohol consumption, since it is linked to decreased insulin sensitivity as well. It is also reported excessive alcohol consumption decreases insulin secretion from the pancreas. However, there are few details on this theory. The link to ketosis is further supported by the effects of alcohol on an individual’s appetite. For instance, many individuals suffering from alcohol addictions tend to eat very little.

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