How To Lower Triglycerides

Triglycerides are fat particles in the bloodstream created by the consumption of excess sugar, also known as refined carbohydrates, and then stored in fat cells or the liver to be converted into energy. If muscles are not used after eating these extra calories, triglycerides will continue to build up in the fat cells or the liver. Although the body needs triglycerides for energy, an overabundance of them can lead to obesity, heart disease, or stroke. Around twenty-five percent of American adults have high blood triglyceride levels. This is classified as being above two hundred milligrams.The most common causes of elevated triglycerides include genetics, obesity, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, high carbohydrate and high fat diets, excessive alcohol consumption, a sedentary lifestyle, hypothyroidism, renal disease, and certain medications. There are, however, some simple and proven ways to help lower triglycerides.

Follow A Low Carbohydrate Diet


The same as added sugar, high amounts of carbohydrates in an individual’s diet are also turned into triglycerides and used as fat for energy. A study conducted in 2006 was done to look at how varying levels of carbohydrate consumption can increase or decrease triglycerides. The study found if individuals follow a low carbohydrate diet with about twenty-six percent of calories from carbs, showed lower triglycerides as compared to the group who had a higher carbohydrate intake with up to fifty-four percent of calories from carbs.

A second study focused on the long term effects of both low and high carbohydrate diets across one year. The individuals who ate low carbohydrate diets experienced greater weight loss and lower triglycerides. Another 2003 study was done to compare low fat versus high carbohydrate diets. After six months, the conclusion of the study was the low carbohydrate group showed a triglyceride decrease of thirty-eight mg/dL (0.43 mmol/L), while the low-fat group only had a seven mg/dL (0.08 mmol/L) decrease of triglycerides.

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