What Is The Military Diet?

The military diet has quickly risen to the top of the weight loss industry as one of the most popular diets out there. It focuses on helping individuals lose weight rapidly. Specifically, the military diet focuses on helping those who follow it lose up to ten pounds in less than a week. It was designed to provide immediate results. The military diet claims individuals can lose weight within three days to help them feel more confident. It appears to be the perfect diet for anyone needing to lose weight quickly, but it requires lifestyle changes to ensure the weight stays off.

Examine the military diet in detail now, including everything from the basics, to the specific foods allowed, and final evaluation of the diet’s safety and effectiveness.

The Military Diet Basics


The military diet, otherwise known as the 3-day diet, focuses on consuming foods that will combine to boost the individual’s metabolism. It uses the idea of intermittent fasting and combines it with more moderate approaches to eating. It has also been called the Navy diet and even the army diet. This diet can help users shed up to ten pounds in a week by using restricted calorie intake for three days followed by four days with more moderate food consumption. The claim is individuals can repeat the cycle until they lose weight and reach their goal.

The creators claim the diet was created by combining the knowledge of nutrition with the United States military strategies designed to help soldiers get fit quickly. The diet has two phases spread throughout the week. For the first phase, participants follow a strict low-calorie plan, consuming only 1,400 calories each day. The other four days are focused on eating healthy while still keeping the caloric intake low.

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