Overall Health Benefits Of Pickleball For Seniors

Assists With Memory And Cognitive Function


The brain is a muscle, and it needs exercise just like all your other muscles. Pickleball and similar forms of exercise assists with memory and cognitive function because they prompt players to learn, remember, anticipate, react, and plan. These tasks work to preserve and improve brain function. They exercise the brain and boost the link between the mind and body. They also help to preserve mental agility and concentration, as the pickleball requires quick thinking and reflexes. The mind has to be attentive and responsive to play the game. Players are also required to strategize throughout the game, which requires brainwork. The brain functions better when it’s challenged with a broad range of tasks and tests. Many seniors worry about the debilitating effects of the loss of memory and cognitive function, particularly when dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Regular activity and exercise like pickleball can help preserve a healthy mind and make life more satisfying and fulfilling.

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