Is Pilates An Effective Workout?

Are you looking to develop a long, lean muscle like a dancer? Do you need a gentle, low-impact exercise program that develops strong core muscles helps with losing weight and improves posture? The Pilates method may be the workout you have been looking for. The first Pilates studio was opened in the 1920s in New York by Joseph Pilates, and quickly became a preferred conditioning method for dancers in the New York City Ballet. Pilates mat workouts can be done nearly anywhere with no equipment and is largely done on the floor, alleviating stress on the joints. But don't be fooled. Despite the fact many Pilates exercises are performed lying on the mat, you will still get your heart rate up and feel the burn.

Builds Lean Muscle


Pilates builds lean muscle by incorporating stretching and flexibility with body weight resistance in each move. Pilates practice is about controlling the muscles as opposed to short bursts of energy output. Fewer repetitions with heavier weights, as are often used in traditional weight training, are more likely to build bulkier muscles. Pilates uses long, controlled motions open the spine and lengthen the body. Like yoga, Pilates uses breathing to set the rhythm for the movements. The breathing allows you to push your muscles further. Muscular imbalance is a leading cause of orthopedic injury. Working the entire body from head to toe decreases the risk of injury. Consistent Pilates practice overtime will sculpt strong, balanced muscles.

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HealthPrep Staff