The Best Snacks For A Quick Energy Boost

In the middle of the day, many individuals start to drag and need some kind of pick-me-up to resume being productive and stay alert for the rest of the day. Too often, we use products full of caffeine or sugar to try to accomplish that. These might help for a little bit, but they usually result in even more severe energy crashes. Furthermore, too much daily caffeine or sugar can cause adverse health problems nobody wants to deal with. So, we will look at some healthy snacks that can provide the pick-me-up we need without any crash or significant health risks.



The carbohydrates associated with whole grains and oats are excellent sources of energy. With niacin, folate, thiamine, and other sources of vitamin B, the contents found in a regular bowl of oatmeal help the body metabolize energy effectively and safely. They convert into glucose, which allows energy to flow gradually throughout the bloodstream and helps maintain alertness throughout the day. It is important to distinguish these carbohydrates from the refined carbs like sugar, which convert into glucose much quicker and do not have the lasting impact of whole grains but instead can cause a dramatic energy crash after a short-lived energy boost. 

For an even greater boost in energy, bake oats with water or milk to obtain fifty percent of the daily recommended intake of good carbohydrates, twenty percent of fat, and fifteen percent of protein. This particular method of preparation is especially recommended for athletes in training, although it can be a healthy energy boost for anyone who needs a pick-me-up or as a way to start the day awake and alert.

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HealthPrep Staff