Stretches To Relieve Aches And Pain

The various daily routines we put our bodies through often result in many aches and pains. Something as simple as sitting down for too long can cause painful discomforts and other times, pains and aches can be a result of a certain situation rather than being something that creeps up over time. Either way, individuals will be happy to know most aches and pains can be corrected or at least improved.

While someone could go to a chiropractor or another professional to correct your condition, they also have the option to attempt to fix the problem themselves. Usually, professionals perform stretches to help alleviate your condition. Seems like something someone could do to themselves, right? In this article, we will discuss some stretches an individual can perform to relieve particular aches or pains.

Have Rotator Cuff Or Shoulder Pain?


Individuals experiencing rotator cuff or shoulder pain know first-hand about the severity of the aches. The rotator cuff, composed of four small muscles, is responsible for inward and outward rotations of the shoulder. Here are a few stretches individuals can perform to relieve pain and aches in this area:

Movement One: Raise one arm directly out in front of the body and lay it across the chest. With the opposite arm, apply light pressure to the arm laying on your chest. One should feel a stretch that is tight but not painful.

Movement Two: Grab a small towel and roll it up. Next, hold the towel in one hand above the head. With the other hand, grab the towel. Using the upper hand, pull the towel up with force great enough to produce a stretch.

Movement Three: The last stretch for rotator cuff or shoulder pain is more of a dynamic one, meaning an individual is moving during the stretch. For this stretch, simply bend over slightly and swing both arms in a hugging motion.

HealthPrep Staff