Supplements For Bodybuilders Who Want To Build More Muscle

Supplements are essential in providing the human body with the proper nutrients to build muscle, and can also help enhance training when combined with a healthy diet. Supplements can come in the form of multi-vitamins, powder, glutamine, meal replacements, drinks, and capsules. Most bodybuilders can build a better physique on a healthy diet alone. However, especially as we age, it becomes more difficult to gain a competitive edge. Supplements can also aid in recovery which is important in any training program. Recovery time allows the body to repair damaged tissue from training and replenish energy stores. 

There are misconceptions that supplements are only necessary on nutritionally deficient diets. Research has shown dietary supplements can provide the nutrition whole foods can't cover in any diet. They also play a crucial role in muscle building, performance, and fat loss. When an individual isn't taking in enough protein through whole foods, muscle growth simply cannot occur. This is why supplementation is important for those who are serious about getting results. Here are the top five supplements that will help fill in important nutritional gaps during training and recovery.



Quality amino acids are the foundation when it comes to gaining muscle. Once it is consumed in powder form, the amino acids rapidly break down and become absorbed into the bloodstream. From there, they reach the muscle tissue quickly creating the process of protein synthesis.

Whey amino acids can be naturally found in eggs, dairy products, and soy. However, none of these forms compare to the effects and quality powder with amino acids can provide. Bodybuilders favor powder because it contains the necessary amino acids to build lean muscle. It contains antioxidants that also play a role in building a healthy immune system, and is best taken in powder form immediately following an intense workout.

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HealthPrep Staff