The Best Basic Tips For Cutting Out Processed Foods

With everyone being busier than ever before, the demand for quick meals, convenient snacks, and fast food, even in the form of seemingly healthy energy bars is only growing. Although most individuals would agree eating whole foods is healthier for them, the reality is few actually take the time to grow and prepare their food from scratch. But one of the best ways to clean up one’s diet is to work on consuming less processed food. The ideal, though, is to not consume anything processed. It can seem daunting to reduce one’s consumption of processed food. The good news is there are some simple tips to get everyone on the right track.

Let’s get into the best basic tips for cutting out processed food now, starting with understanding what processed food is in the first place.

What Are Processed Foods?


The initial step in cleaning up an unhealthy diet is to identify what processed foods truly are. Anything commercially packaged and not in its natural state would be considered processed. For instance, a packaged granola bar made up of ingredients such as oats, nuts, and fruits would still be considered at least a little processed since none of those ingredients are in their original state. Buying the fruit before being cut up, dehydrated, or cooked in another way would be the original state. In general, foods with labels attached to them with a long ingredient list can be assumed to be processed. Learning to read labels diligently is a major step to a healthier diet. In general, the less processed, the better.

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