Ways To Treat Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot, otherwise known as tinea pedis, is a common contagious fungal foot infection causing itchy, scaly, peeling, and cracked skin, that can be painful and inflamed if it is severe. It may also cause blisters or ulcers if it sets in deep enough. It usually starts in between the toes because this skin is more moist, sensitive, and easier to penetrate. It is most often acquired in public showers, swimming pools, and from certain types of footwear habits that promote growth. There are a variety of medicinal and natural home remedies to prevent athlete’s foot from de-feeting you. Below, we have outlined a few preventative and natural remedies.

Keep Feet Clean And Dry


When you keep feet clean and dry, the environment for fungus to begin growing is eliminated. If you already have athlete’s foot, it is important to prevent it from spreading into other sensitive skin areas. Use antibacterial antifungal socks for athletes foot. Thoroughly washing feet, especially in between the toes, and drying them with a towel will decrease the possibilities of fungus growth. Wearing waterproof shoes will prevent feet from getting wet or consider using a waterproof spray on shoes. Putting your socks on first before underwear will prevent the infection from spreading. Also be careful when touching infected feet to prevent transferring the contagion. Avoid althete’s foot by wearing shower shoes whenever you take a shower or go to public swimming and bathing areas.

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