How To Promptly Treat Achilles Tendonitis

Orthotic Inserts


Orthotic inserts are gel or foam cushions that fit inside footwear. These cushions are available over-the-counter at drugstores, and podiatrists or orthopedic surgeons can also make custom inserts for their patients. The inserts can fill the entire shoe or just one particular area. They help relieve pain by redistributing the weight of the foot off of the injured area. For Achilles tendonitis, orthotic inserts worn at the heel are often the most comfortable. Patients should always be evaluated by a doctor and ask about what types of orthotics would be most appropriate for their particular ailment to avoid further injury. Some patients may wish to wear the orthotic device only on the foot with the injury. For other patients, it may be appropriate to wear orthotics in both shoes to aid balance. Orthotics should be replaced regularly so they continue to provide adequate support.

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