What Are The Types Of Malnutrition?

Micronutrient Malnutrition


Micronutrient malnutrition is a type of malnutrition that occurs when individuals aren’t getting the nutrients their body needs to function properly. It’s one of the core components of total undernutrition. However, it’s also possible for micronutrient malnutrition to occur in individuals who are getting enough calories and protein from their diet. If the calories individuals consume aren’t accompanied by adequate nutritional content, they might be a healthy weight or overweight while still starving for nutrients. Almost one-third of the global population suffers from deficiencies in at least one micronutrient, and many individuals have more than one micronutrient deficiency. Some of the most common deficiencies occur with zinc, folate, vitamin A, iodine, and iron. In addition to affecting brain function and energy, the problems caused by these deficiencies can have potentially life-threatening consequences. There are certain activist groups and health organizations that work to make vital nutrients available to individuals who don’t usually have access to them. Some patients with nutrient deficiencies might be helped through multivitamins that contain the minerals and vitamins necessary for function.

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