Unbelievable Facts About Girl Scout Cookies

Each year, Americans look forward to one season above all others. No, it’s not basketball or football season. It’s not even the newest season of The Walking Dead. It’s Girl Scout Cookie season. The three-month cookie production season is the favorite fundraising activity of the Girl Scouts of the USA – and literally the only time anyone is ever excited about a fundraiser. Though most Americans might participate in enjoying these iconic cookies, many will be surprised by the facts on this list.

They Reign In Sales – For Three Months Of The Year


As most Americans know, Girl Scout Cookie season is limited to the months of January to March of every year. During that time, the much anticipated, much sought-after confectionary delights take the cookie market by storm, stomping other cookie company’s sales nationwide. During the other nine months of the year, Oreos enjoy the cookie monopoly. But even those beloved treats are largely ignored come Girl Scout Cookie season.