How To Use Interval Training To Lose Weight

Whether you’ve resolved to lose some weight or get into the best shape of your life, interval training can put you on the right path. These workouts, which alternate high-intensity activities with low-intensity ones, have long been shown to deliver impressive results. Interval training also helps maximize the effectiveness of time at the gym, so it's always possible to fit a good workout into a busy day. Here’s a look at what interval training is and how it helps you get into your best shape. We’ll also explore some of the best workout tactics and interval methods to help you meet your goals.

What Is Interval Training?


So exactly what is interval training? When a trainer recommends interval training to whip their client into shape, they're talking about workouts that alternate high-intensity exercises with low-intensity exercises or recovery periods. Incorporating interval training into a workout routine can actually help individuals spend less time in the gym and still maximize weight loss. Compared to fixed-intensity cardio sessions, interval-training sessions burn more calories over short periods, so individuals don’t have to spend two hours walking or biking every day to get the results they're looking for. Another great thing about interval training is different variations bring different benefits, so it's possible to tailor workouts to meet individual goals.

Get familiar with how interval training works now.

HealthPrep Staff