Vigorous Stretches To Do Before A Run

We’ve heard it for years: Stretch before you run. Well, it turns out, this is very sound advice. Muscles that have not been stretched or are ‘cold’ could result in an injury you had not anticipated. You have worked hard to get to the level of fitness you’re at and having an unexpected injury could sidetrack your fitness goals for a lot longer than you are prepared for. Simply starting with a warm-up jog gets those muscles in the mood to run. Doing dynamic stretching (stretching that uses the joints full rotation) helps prime your muscles and keeps you warmed up longer into your run. Many doctors recommend this warm-up process before running as well. Recent studies have shown runners achieving nearly two and a half minutes more running time before fatiguing. The following will give you more information for stretching and warming up before your next run.

Jumping Jacks

The Running Bug

Jumping jacks provide a great dynamic warm-up before running. Did you know they have lots of other health benefits too? Besides being a super heart-healthy workout, jumping jacks are a stress reliever, coordination aid, muscle shaper, help boost stamina, beef up your balance, and help with overall strength training. Jumping jacks work on hip and shoulder adductors abductors (inner and outer thigh, upper back, tricep, and bicep) calves, and core. So, there’s more than just running benefits with this stretch. You can work out your entire body for overall fitness, strength, and health. They’ll leave you jumping for joy!

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