Warning Signs Of Food Poisoning

Foodborne illness or food poisoning is a condition that occurs when individuals eat contaminated food. Certain foods may be host to different infectious organisms, including parasites, bacteria, and viruses. In other cases, the food may not be host to the original organism anymore, but it might still contain toxic substances from it. Food can become contaminated at any point throughout the production and processing timeline. When the food is handled or cooked incorrectly in the home, individuals might accidentally contract food poisoning. The symptoms of food poisoning often begin within a few hours following the consumption of the contaminated product, but it might take a little longer in some cases. Most cases of food poisoning are mild, but there are the occasional serious circumstances in which an individual needs to go to the hospital.

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Nausea And Vomiting


The symptoms of food poisoning will vary slightly depending on what kind of toxin or organism was ingested. Different substances affect the body in different ways, and some are more dangerous than others. However, the classic signs of food poisoning look a lot like the flu. This might be because both the flu and food poisoning are illnesses caused by foreign organisms invading the body. Nausea and vomiting are two of the most characteristic symptoms. Not everyone with food poisoning will vomit or even experience nausea, but the majority will feel a sense of discomfort. Nausea occurs when the digestive system sends signals to the brain indicating something is wrong. This makes individuals feel like their stomach is upset. When individuals vomit, it is their body’s way of trying to get rid of the toxin. Food poisoning can sometimes cause a great deal of vomiting, and individuals might dry heave once they have run out of food to throw up. Repeated bouts of vomiting can become very painful and can be taxing on the muscles.

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