Ways To Add Protein As A Vegetarian

Did you know every cell in the body contains protein? Protein is an essential component of everyone’s diet since sufficient protein intake allows individuals to repair damaged cells and make new ones. Protein is also excellent for giving the body energy. When most individuals think about ways to include protein in their diet, chances are their minds will turn to options such as chicken, turkey, fish, and other meat sources. Because of the prevalence of protein in meat, it is essential for those who cannot eat or choose not to eat meat to pay closer attention to their food so they can be assured they are consuming enough protein. 

With this in mind, here are some excellent ways to include protein as a vegetarian.

Crack Some Eggs

Eggs are considered a complete protein, as they contain all essential amino acids. Having all essential amino acids in one source is significant, as the body cannot synthesize them from sources other than food. Vegetarians can get up to six grams of protein per egg, depending on its size and grade quality. It is important to consume all of the egg rather than separating the egg white and yolk and only eating one considering the protein found in eggs is in both components. Do not miss out!

There are many different ways vegetarians can cook eggs, such as frying (e.g., sunny side up or over easy), scrambling, boiling (hard or soft), baking, poaching, and even as an omelet. The sheer number of ways to cook eggs, including the various spices and other additions, make it incredibly easy for everyone, especially vegetarians, to incorporate eggs into their diet. 

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