Workout Essentials For Beginners And Bodybuilders

There is more to actual results in your health and fitness than just showing up at the gym four or five days every week. When it comes down to it, a lot of fitness addicts are consistent in their routine, but they neglect some of the essentials that increase comfort and speed up results. Even more, disregarding the right tools can actually put more strain on the body and increase the risk of injury.

Rather than limiting your results and putting yourself at risk, invest in the right tools instead. Check out these workout essentials and add them to your gym bag before your next workout.

Training Shoes


It doesn’t really matter what type of workout you are doing, the appropriate foot support is still necessary. An ill-fitting or inappropriate shoe can cause intense discomfort and even injury while the right shoe reduces the impact on your feet and joints and increases longevity in any fitness program. It’s not just about having new shoes, though. Picking the right type of training shoes is important. You’ll want to select your primary trainer based on what type of activity you do most often. For example, individuals training for a marathon will need running shoes, but those more active in CrossFit will want more of a cross trainer.

Getting the right fit for your training shoes is also important. Try your shoes on in the late afternoon or evening or following your workout, as this is when feet tend to be the largest. Also wear sports socks when trying on your shoes. Allow yourself plenty of 'wiggle room,' which is about half an inch from your big toe to the tip of the shoe, and check for proper flexibility in the sole by carefully bending the shoe in your hands.

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HealthPrep Staff