The Worst Nutrition Decisions People Make And How To Fix Them

Living healthier is everyone's goal, but we often go about it in all the wrong ways. Without meaning to, we sabotage our efforts and then wonder why things are going badly as we try to eat better, lose weight, or live healthier lives. Making mistakes is probably going to happen, and this is okay. What we think of as mistakes, however, may not necessarily be the choices you'd think. Let's tackle the guilt and point out some common mistakes individuals make when it comes to nutrition.

Cutting Out All Indulgent Foods


So you love your potato chips but you know they're fattening, salty, and lacking in nutrition. Do you, like many others, go ahead and buy big bags and eat the entire thing in front of the television and beat yourself up about it afterward? Try this instead: buy small serving bags. Save them for special events, even if it's I-can-have-a-little-snack-on-Sundays. This way you don't deny yourself this item and then obsess about it until you go a little crazy and eat your way through a family-sized bag or two! Cutting out all indulgent foods all at once is a recipe for guilt and failure. Reduce consumption over time instead and build experience at changing eating habits and tastes. It helps to ensure at least some indulgent foods, or simply favorite comfort foods, remain on the menu.

Keep reading for more on the worst nutrition decisions and how to fix them.

HealthPrep Staff