The Worst Nutrition Decisions People Make And How To Fix Them

Only Eating Clean

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This sounds like such a great idea, doesn’t it? You’ve made the final decision to eat only healthy ‘clean’ foods, and you’re going to stick to it no matter what! This may be a mistake- especially in the beginning. While going ‘cold turkey’ and only eating clean may be a good idea for some individuals because they avoid tricky foods that trigger bad eating habits, they still need to understand what they’re getting themselves into. Clean eating involves a lot more food preparation. It changes your daily and weekly routine. You can’t just run out to a local restaurant on your lunch break and instead have to have prepared your own freshly prepared homemade meals ahead of time. You’ll need to spend more time at home preparing these clean foods. This can be an excellent thing, but it can also cause enough frustration that someone may abandon their efforts. Clean eating is best done through transition and careful planning over a long period.

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