The Worst Nutrition Decisions People Make And How To Fix Them

Trying New Diets All The Time

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Some diets cut carbohydrates, some cut meat, some control portions, and some have point systems assigned to meals. It’s tough to know where to start, so many individuals find themselves trying multiple diets at once or switching from diet to diet quite quickly. Something has to work, right? Wrong!

The first place to start is to learn why you want to eat better. It may be for serious health reasons or because you don’t fit in your swimsuit anymore. Trying new diets all the time will not only keep you from sticking to something and making progress, but it can also confuse your body as well. You can eliminate some plans from consideration because they just don’t fit: if a man wants to build muscle mass and nutrition, he’s not going to use a diet for new moms trying to lose their baby belly. Talk to your doctor about diet plans, and ask friends who have made serious progress on theirs. This is a good way to start narrowing down the right choices.

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