10 Best Nutrition Tips Ever

Researchers know more than ever before, so why is nutrition more confusing than ever before? Fats are bad, but some are good? Carbs sabotage your weight loss efforts, yet they're essential for energy? Healthy living and a balanced diet do not need to be so confusing. If you are looking to better support your health through nutrition, here are ten essential tips.

Healthy food concept
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10. Don't Count Out Fats

Obesity is a major health concern throughout developed countries, based on poor nutritional choices and a lack of physical activity. Many are under the impression that fat is the enemy, however, the body and brain require fat to function. From energy to cell growth and hormone regulation, dietary fats are essential.

'Fat' isn't what creates weight gain, excess calories and poor choices are the true culprits. It's the type of fat you need to focus on, ensuring a healthy diet includes healthy fats, such as essential omega-3 fatty acids, found in foods like fish, avocados, olive oil, and walnuts.

Rob Janes