Signs Of Campylobacteriosis

Campylobacteriosis is a bacterial infection caused by bacteria from the Campylobacter genus of germs. While it makes thousands of people sick each year, there is Campylobacter present in the intestines of healthy birds. Poultry sold fresh in grocery stores very commonly has the bacteria on it. When a person comes into contact with this form of bacteria and becomes infected, some gastrointestinal symptoms can come from this bacteria. In general, campylobacteriosis is a diarrheal illness, and the majority of cases are very isolated and sporadic. Let’s take a close look at some of the signs and symptoms of Campylobacteriosis.



Eating undercooked meat can lead to the gastrointestinal system becoming very ill with campylobacteriosis. Diarrhea will usually present itself within twenty-four hours of consuming the contaminated meat. Along with loose stools, there may be cramping present in the stomach and intestines.

It is essential to allow the body to cleanse itself from the harmful bacteria and let the immune system do its job. Hydration is vital at this time, as the body is rapidly losing fluid during this part of the illness. It is important to replace electrolytes being lost. This will help the immune system function at its optimal level and help you feel well again.

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