Beginner Yoga Poses That Can Be Done From Home

You may be beginning yoga for a variety of different reasons — to become more fit or active, to destress, or possibly to become more balanced and relaxed. There are many various reasons to begin yoga, including the many health benefits that come with the practice.

For best results, practice yoga five to six times per week between half an hour to an hour each day. Some other lifestyle changes may need to be implemented alongside yoga, such as maintaining a healthy diet and controlling emotions by letting go of negativity and thinking positive, to reap all of its potential health benefits.

Whatever the reason, there are many beginner yoga poses you can attempt at home.

Warming Up

When you first beginning yoga it is best to use your Yoga Set Kit  and to start each yoga session with a warm-up routine. To begin, concentrate on rhythmic breathing, a good practice is known as the box breathing technique or square breathing. Inhale for four seconds, hold your breath for four seconds, exhale for four seconds, and repeat. Concentrate on breathing for five minutes or so, and then continue your warm up by doing freehand stretching exercises. When your warm-up is complete, sit and concentrate on breathing for another five to ten minutes.

Now that you know how to warm up for your yoga session, continue reading to learn how to get into your first yoga pose.

Rob Janes