Health Benefits Of Wearing Orthotics

Unlike standard shoe inserts, orthotics are medical devices usually obtained via a prescription. Orthotics are meant to be worn inside the shoes to correct a range of structural issues as well as treating many medical conditions. Orthotic devices are divided into soft and rigid orthotics, both of which provide similar benefits. Soft orthotics are crafted from soft materials designed to provide additional cushioning. On the other hand, rigid orthotics are built from harder materials like carbon fiber or plastic. The problems best corrected with rigid orthotics don't necessarily need to be caused by medical conditions like diabetes or bursitis.

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Reduces Foot And Leg Pain


Among the most notable benefits of wearing orthotics is doing so reduces foot and leg pain. An array of conditions can cause such pain. Even poor posture can eventually lead to the development of pain and discomfort around the foot and leg. Many causes of these symptoms originate within the lower back, which is comprised of the nerves that control function and movements in the legs and feet. Some of the more common health conditions that can cause foot and leg pain include lumbar degenerative disc disease, a herniated disc, and spinal stenosis. It's possible the pain has developed because of an awkward sleeping position or because individuals need to stand for lengthy periods at work. By wearing orthotics, patients will be able to maintain the correct alignment of the feet and legs, which means any pain in these areas should lessen over time. Even if the pain isn't severe, wearing orthotics now can prevent the issues from worsening.

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HealthPrep Staff