How To Treat A Clogged Ear

The ears might be independent of other body parts as far as we can see with the naked eye, but they’re more connected than most realize. The sinuses are directly connected to the ears, which is why individuals may feel as if their ears are clogged anytime they have a sinus headache or pressure. It’s an uncomfortable feeling, but it’s not always an ear infection or something worse. When ears feel clogged, there are a few home remedies individuals can use. Symptoms should disappear with these simple remedies for clogged ears within a few days.

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Inhale A Little Steam


Inhaling steam can ease some of the pressure in blocked sinuses. Moisture in the nasal passage works well to help keep sinuses from becoming too dry, as when they become too dry, they tend to hurt more. The great news is there are numerous ways to inhale a little steam, which means individuals don’t need to make a trip to the store for supplies. The first way is for patients to place a warm washcloth over their face for a few minutes at a time. This helps them inhale the moisture, which helps with the pain and pressure. Individuals can also sit in their bathroom with the door shut and hot water turned all the way up. Let the bathroom become steamy, and just sit there for ten to fifteen minutes breathing in the steamy air. Individuals can also boil water and use a towel over the back of the head as they lean a bit towards the water and inhale.

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HealthPrep Staff