How To Safely Treat Earwax Buildup

No one really likes earwax. If you produce too much of it, it can be a gross sight, and for others, a buildup of earwax might cause some difficulty in hearing. Because it has settled inside of the inner ear, audio vibrations can't effectively move through the mass, resulting in a cloudy or unclear sound. It may sound as though you're listening to someone speak through a pillow or closed door. Besides the effects on hearing, earwax buildup could also affect ear health.

Because earwax works to keep particles of bacteria and other dangerous infections from entering your ear, if it can't do its job, then that's infectious material entering your ear. A buildup of wax keeps the new and healthy wax from collecting that bacteria. To ensure your ears are as healthy as possible, consider these ways to, and not to, treat earwax buildup.

Removal With A Curet Or Suction


The best way to remove earwax buildup is to see a doctor, as they can provide earwax removal with a curet or through suction. These options are safe and don't damage the patient's ear in the process. In some cases, the doctor might use a curet. This curved instrument can carefully access the blockage in the ear and strip away the unnecessary earwax. The process may be slow depending on how significant the buildup of wax is.

Another method a doctor may choose to implement is micro-suctioning. In this method, a doctor has a device that does just as its name suggests. With a camera mounted on it, that doctor can see exactly what they're doing while they're inside the patient's ear, which makes the process considerably safer than other treatments. The instrument is used to suck away the earwax until the inner ear is left clean and unblocked. The technique as a whole is safe, comfortable, and easy. There's also no risk of perforations as might be observed during other treatments. Lastly, there isn't a mess left behind since there's no water used to clean out the ear.

Keep reading to learn about the next safe treatment option for earwax buildup.

HealthPrep Staff