How To Treat And Manage Pendred Syndrome

Pendred syndrome is a type of rare genetic disorder characterized by hearing loss and the development of goiters. Individuals who have Pendred syndrome are typically born with it, though it is possible for it to not display symptoms until later in life. In most cases of Pendred syndrome, patients deal with hypothyroidism, a type of decreased thyroid gland function that causes weight gain and fatigue. A cure for Pendred syndrome does not exist, but several treatments can help diminish the severity of the condition. If you or a loved one has Pendred syndrome, talk to the doctor about these helpful treatments.

Avoid Contact Sports

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The inner ear in patients with Pendred syndrome has widened vestibular aqueducts that make them very sensitive to trauma. Any jarring to the head or blows to the ears can be enough to worsen hearing loss. Because it is so dangerous for an individual with Pendred syndrome to end up in any situation with head trauma, all types of contact sports should be avoided. This includes both sports where participants tackle each other and sports where there is the risk of getting hit in the head with a ball. At younger ages, gym games like dodgeball, tee ball, or flag football can be problematic. As children get older, they also need to avoid contact sports like football, cricket, soccer, rugby, baseball, and lacrosse. Avoiding these types of dangerous sports can greatly reduce an individual's chance of suffering from a drastic hearing loss at a very young age.

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