The Most Effective Ways To Prevent Heartburn

Heartburn is a common nuisance for many individuals and, unfortunately, it can often be hard to monitor. All too often, triggers do not reveal themselves until it is too late. Although triggers can be quite varied, and what triggers heartburn in one individual may not trigger it in another, there are quite a few common heartburn triggers. Individuals dealing with frequent heartburn who have not identified a trigger can still prevent instances of heartburn. It may be as simple as changing a small habit or consuming less of a certain food! Just a few easy fixes could lead to a much more comfortable lifestyle. Learn more about this now.

Eat Slowly


Many may not realize this, but saliva has a neutralizing ability when it comes to acid. This is why it's important for individuals to give their body time to produce saliva when they are eating. If individuals scarf down their meals, they will not produce as much saliva, and as a result, they may often deal with increased heartburn. Additionally, by eating quickly, individuals are making it harder for their body to break down the food, which can often cause other stomach issues. Thus, one method of reducing the effects of heartburn is to slow down while eating to give the body time to produce enough saliva to counteract at least some of the acid from the food.

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Rick T