The Causes Of Heartburn And What To Expect For Symptoms And Treatment

When individuals speak about heartburn, they may interchangeably also mention acid reflux and gastroesophageal reflux disease. Acid reflux is common and often not very serious. Gastroesophageal reflux disease is the chronic form and can be quite severe and painful for those who deal with it. Triggers for an issue like heartburn vary widely, though the symptoms are all extremely similar, which thankfully makes it a relatively easy issue to accurately identify. Get the full details on the various causes of heartburn as well as what can be expected when it comes to symptoms and effective treatment now.

Slow Digestion And Metabolism


Many processed foods common in the American diet wreak havoc on the stomach and digestive system. Fatty and greasy foods lead to a relaxed LES valve, which leads to more acid making its way up the esophagus. This type of food also causes an increased production of stomach acid. Overeating can also contribute to a slower metabolism and increased pressure on the abdomen. Although slow digestion, or delayed gastric emptying, is not the most common cause of heartburn, it is more common in those with diabetes. Affected individuals can try to limit portion sizes, or have several smaller meals rather than one or two overly large meals. Eating right before bedtime can also negatively affect an individual's metabolic rate and the digestion process. Many celiac disease patients will experience heartburn if gluten has not been eliminated from their diet.

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