Symptoms Of An Iron Deficiency

Iron serves the body by assisting oxygen goes through the bloodstream. If you didn’t have iron, fewer red blood cells would be created, which is the cause of anemia. Causes of iron levels depleting include bleeding due to ulcers and heavy menstruation, as well as other problems. Diet can also be a factor in developing an iron deficiency. Various symptoms can let patients know they're iron deficient. Get to know these iron deficiency symptoms now.

Unusual Fatigue


Unusual fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of an iron deficiency though there are many potential causes. When an individual doesn't have enough iron in the body, they won’t be getting the right amount of oxygen pumped along with the blood. This means your tissues are not receiving the oxygen required and the body doesn’t receive the necessary energy it needs to function at optimum levels (without fatigue).

If you’re constantly feeling fatigued and have other symptoms relating to an iron deficiency such as irritability, are unable to focus, or weakness, you may want to look further at the possibility of an iron deficiency.

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HealthPrep Staff