Immunity Boosters Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Feel a cold coming on? Want to learn how to boost your immune system naturally and cost-effectively? Luckily for you, there are plenty of immune-boosting foods that help you stay healthy and fight illness. What's even better than that is that they can be found in the kitchen or purchased at the grocery store. 

So start reading and add these foods to your next grocery list and plan some meals around them so that you can boost your immune system. 



Surprised to hear such a common food on the list? You really shouldn’t be. After all, isn’t penicillin itself a close cousin to our everyday mushrooms? Full of antioxidants, mushrooms are especially amazing at battling the common cold, but they can also increase your immunity to the level of actually fighting off cancer. So go mushrooms! Try mixing different types to reap even more nutritional benefits. Mushrooms are also high in protein and potassium which are both vital for a healthy diet.

Now that you know to add mushrooms to your grocery list, keep reading to find out what other foods can boost your immune system.

HealthPrep Staff