The Different Types of Hepatitis A and B Immunizations

Hepatitis is a term used to describe inflammation and damage to the liver cells. There are five main types, and they are each caused by a viral infection. Hepatitis A occurs from ingesting infected food or water, and hepatitis B is a sexually transmitted disease. It is estimated that around three hundred million people around the world are hepatitis B carriers. Hepatitis A and B are the only types of hepatitis that are preventable by vaccination. Vaccinations are available to prevent both hepatitis A and B.

10. Hepatitis A

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Hepatitis A is caused by ingesting food or water that has been infected with the hepatitis A virus or HAV. It can also be contracted through anal or oral contact during sex. Although it is highly contagious, hepatitis A does not lead to chronic disease and nearly everyone who is infected will make a full recovery. The HAV is one of the several types of hepatitis viruses that cause liver inflammation and damage. Practicing proper hand washing is an effective way to prevent catching hepatitis A.

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