Guide To Reducing Joint Pain

Nearly everyone experiences some kind of joint pain during their life, as there are a variety of injuries and illnesses that can lead to joint pain, some of which resolve on their own. For example, if an individual’s joints hurt because they overused them playing sports, the injury should heal within a few weeks of rest. Conditions like arthritis, of which there are one hundred types, can also lead to joint pain, though different kinds of arthritis act in different ways. Some types of arthritis cause degradation of the joints and bones making up joints.

When it comes down to it, the remedies for alleviating joint pain do somewhat depend on the cause. But with this in mind, get familiar with some of the commonly cited remedies for reducing joint pain now.

Rest And Ice The Joint


One of the first recommended courses of action to reduce joint pain is to rest and ice the joint. This is often recommended for both arthritis pain and injuries. It should be noted, though, resting joints affected by arthritis too much can sometimes make it harder to start moving them again. Overuse injuries occur when individuals use one or more of their joints too much. This usually occurs when individuals perform repetitive motions at work, school, or playing sports. Individuals who lift heavy objects over their heads are more susceptible to shoulder joint injuries, while different sports can increase someone’s chances of developing tennis elbow.

In any case, rest and ice are key! To ice a joint, individuals should wrap a bag or cloth around frozen items like sponges, vegetables, or plain ice cubes. They should press the ice pack to the injured area for ten to twenty minutes at a time. They should be sure, however, to not use ice excessively, and not press ice cubes directly against their skin.

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