How To Prevent And Treat Wrist Pain

Consume Sufficient Calcium


Wrist fractures caused by falls onto an outstretched hand are the leading cause of wrist injuries. Having strong bones can help reduce the risk of a fracture, and doctors advise all adults to consume sufficient calcium to build and maintain bone density. This is especially important for adults over fifty years old. Currently, the recommended daily intake for adults is one thousand milligrams, and women over fifty years old need 1,200 milligrams per day. Food is an ideal source of calcium, and amazing sources include dairy products, tofu, almonds, mung beans, soybeans, kale, and amaranth. Many non-dairy milk products are fortified with calcium too. Patients should ask their doctor for a blood test to check their calcium levels. Individuals with low levels may be advised to take a supplement in addition to eating a calcium-rich diet.

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