Guide To The Symptoms, Causes, And Complications Of Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder impingement commonly causes shoulder pain. In fact, it’s one of the main causes of pain in the shoulders. The condition occurs when the bursa or tendons in an individual’s shoulder suffer impingement due to the shoulder bones. There are multiple risk factors for shoulder impingement, and different movements and injuries can lead to the condition. There are also potential complications, including reduced quality of life and inflammation. An individual with shoulder impingement feels persistent pain that affects their ability to do everyday activities. Certain motions might make the pain worse, like reaching behind their back or reaching overhead as they put on a shirt or coat.

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Pain With Overhead Use Of Arm


One of the main symptoms of shoulder impingement is pain with overhead use of the affected arm. There’s also often pain when the patient reaches behind themselves and tries to move their arm upward. Affected individuals may have trouble pulling on a shirt or a coat because of difficulties raising their arms above their head without pain. Athletes may also be affected and need to take a break from their activities, especially if their sport includes overhead use of their shoulder. Common sports with overhead shoulder use include tennis, swimming, and lifting. Artists may also struggle to paint. Affected individuals may have trouble washing their back when they shower because of this kind of pain.

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