How To Effectively Treat Ankle Pain

Ankle pain can refer to any kind of discomfort or pain that affects any portion of the ankle, which is the joint that attaches an individual’s foot to their calf. As such, it’s home to many important bones, ligaments, and tendons. The most common causes of ankle pain are sprains, which occur when the ligaments connecting the bones become injured. Most sprains can be treated at home without needing medical intervention. If individuals think they may have fractured or broken a bone, though, they should make sure they’re examined by a doctor. Patients should also see a doctor if their ankle pain doesn’t appear to be going away after a few days of normal rest and compression.

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Rest and Ice


Rest and ice are the two most common treatments used for non-serious sprains and ankle injuries. These are typically combined with compression and elevation. Patients can remember this treatment method by using the acronym RICE. Rest and ice are simple ways to take care of an ankle and manage the swelling to speed healing. When individuals rest their affected ankle, they should try to keep it elevated above their hip by resting it on a pillow or other raised surface. This helps keep blood circulating and prevents fluid from pooling in their feet. Patients should try to stay off the foot as much as possible, which means laying or sitting down when they can, and then using crutches when they have to get up. Continuing to walk around on an injured ankle can make the injury worse and slow their overall healing time.

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