Treating Osteoporosis Through Pickleball

Osteoporosis is a progressive disease that causes the bones to become increasingly porous, losing both density and quality. The condition typically develops in older adults over fifty years old, and the disorder is more common in women than in men. Osteoporosis can be detected with bone density scans, which many health care professionals recommend. Scans are particularly important for osteoporosis, as it generally has no warning symptoms, and patients who have not been scanned often discover they have the condition only after they fracture a bone. When early symptoms are present, they usually include back pain, and patients may notice they begin to have a stooped or hunched posture or a reduction in height. The wrists, hips, and spine are the most common locations for fractures associated with osteoporosis. To prevent the condition, doctors recommend the use of medications to strengthen the bones, and exercise is also advised as another component of maintaining strong bones.

The sport of pickleball is a low-impact aerobic activity similar to tennis, and it is appropriate for all ages and skill levels. When practiced as part of a regular exercise routine, pickleball can help with the treatment of many conditions, including osteoporosis in the ways outlined below.

Benefits Bone Density

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Regular physical activity builds bone density by placing a moderate amount of stress on the bones, stimulating bone growth. Resistance training exercises create force when muscle pulls against the bones. Common resistance training exercises include using dumbbells, resistance bands, and weight training machines. In particular, exercises such as leg presses, bicep curls, and shoulder presses are effective strength training activities. Squats, push ups, chin ups, and press ups are also ideal for bone health. While these and other high impact activities are beneficial for increasing and protecting bone density, lower impact and aerobic exercises protect bones, albeit indirectly. Pickleball can improve cardiovascular health and build strong muscles. Having strong muscles benefits bone density as it indirectly supports the construction of stronger bones.

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