Ways To Treat Shoulder Subluxation

A shoulder subluxation happens when the humerus bone in the upper arm partially dislocates from the shoulder joint. Since the shoulder joint allows for a wide range of movement of the arm, it is one of the easiest areas to dislocate. It can be caused due to trauma from a fall or impact injury or from abnormal movement of the arm in any direction. It usually presents with swelling, redness, weakness, and extreme pain as torn ligaments often accompany a subluxation. A shoulder subluxation is different from a full dislocation, but it can be hard to tell without having an x-ray. Sometimes a shoulder subluxation can pop back into its socket on its own, but it is imperative to seek medical attention if it does not.
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Wear A Sling For Immobilization

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Once the bone has returned to its original position whether on its own, from a closed reduction, or from a surgical procedure, one should wear a sling for immobilization. Immobilizing the arm and shoulder will help keep the bone in its socket while the ligaments and tendons heal. This will prevent repeat shoulder subluxation or complete dislocation. This will also help minimize unnecessary movements, as well as pain intensity. Minimizing movement or stretching of the arm will help speed recovery. A sling should fit comfortably around the neck while holding the lower arm at a ninety-degree angle to the upper arm. If too much pressure is put on the neck, further injury could result.

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