Signs & Symptoms Of Acute Renal Failure

When it comes to your body, staying educated on potential diseases and illnesses, and learning how to prevent them, is important. Keeping your kidneys in good health is essential in maintaining your overall body function. Acute renal failure, or acute kidney failure, occurs when your kidneys start to shut down, thus halting your body’s ability to filter out the waste from your blood. It can be fatal and needs to be addressed right away.

What Is Acute Renal Failure?


Acute renal failure often occurs for those who are already hospitalized, and it can develop within just hours. If your kidneys are already shutting down or have experienced any type of damage then you are more likely to experience this issue. Heart disease, liver failure, blood clots, bladder or colon cancer, and kidney stones are just some of the many diseases that trigger acute renal failure. If you have any of these, or something similar, know your facts on this condition so you can be more prepared, should it occur.