Warning Signs Of Nephroptosis

The role the kidneys play is an important one, but they can malfunction. Many things can go wrong, and nephroptosis is one of them. It occurs when one or both kidneys drop when individuals stand up. The go from their normal location within the body into the abdomen, which causes intense pain and excessive discomfort. Another name for this health condition is floating kidney. They’re typically located in the abdomen below the ribs on each side of the spine. If there is one thing patients should know about nephroptosis, it’s that most individuals who have it have no idea it’s a problem. They don’t feel anything, experience any symptoms, or ever have any other health conditions. There are a few patients, however, who experience painful complications and require emergency surgery.

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Hematuria Or Proteinuria


If patients experience hematuria or proteinuria, it’s a common indication they might have floating kidney issues. However, patients may not notice proteinuria unless they go to the doctor. This is only noticeable when individuals have a urine test that shows they have too much protein in their urine. If patients don’t have a test, they won’t know they have this issue. However, hematuria is much more noticeable as it is blood in the urine. Again, though, there are some occasions where this is not even a problem. For example, a woman who still gets her menstrual cycle on a regular basis might not notice she has hematuria. She might spot regularly and assume the blood in her urine is from her period or from spotting. It’s difficult to tell if individuals aren’t sure they have a health issue, but it’s always worth a call to the doctor if patients feel the blood in their urine is even potentially worrisome.

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