The Most Common Causes of Acne

Everyone has experiences with embarrassing pimples at least once in their lifetime. The hardest part is facing the world when acne breaks out. Typically, breakouts are the main contributor to self-esteem issues and insecurities in those who suffer from chronic acne. Notably during adolescent years when acne disrupts skin the most, and many cannot stop touching their blemishes. Fortunately, acne can be minimized and avoided once you identify the culprit. Here are ten common causes of acne:


Acne occurs when oil is excreted from the skin and becomes trapped within the pores. Specifically, unnatural oils are the miscreants when acne appears. People who have oily hair, use oil-based makeup, or a hefty amount of oil-based hair products are more susceptible to acne. A simple solution is to shampoo your hair every other day and decrease the number of oil-based hair products used regularly.