Most Difficult Diseases To Diagnose

Everyone worries about their health to some degree. Some start to panic at the first sign of something as simple as the common cold, even if they only sneeze once, whereas others hold out until multiple symptoms, or something prolonged, pops up. The good news is that many symptoms are nothing particularly serious, such as the previously mentioned singular sneeze, sometimes symptoms are not nearly as black and white as patients and doctors alike would prefer. This is why a combination of symptoms, and notes on their duration and severity, are quite helpful. However, quite a few illnesses and diseases are particularly tough to diagnose.

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Celiac Disease


Celiac disease causes individuals to suffer from inflammation within their intestine, due to a hypersensitivity to gluten. This autoimmune disorder can cause damage, resulting in abnormal absorption of nutrients. There's a lot of confusion surrounding this disease, resulting in many individuals remaining undiagnosed. In fact, on average, it takes approximately six to ten years for patients to be accurately diagnosed with celiac disease. If individuals believe they may have celiac disease, they should request a blood test. If they do have this condition, an endoscopy can then be used to determine whether or not damage has occurred.

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