10 Reasons Why Being Naked Is Good For Your Body, Mind, And Wallet

The idea of being naked can seem uncomfortable unless it is to jump in the shower or spend some time in the bedroom. This may be in part because societal norms in even relatively liberal countries make being naked seem taboo. However, although it may not be possible to walk around naked in public, there are a number of benefits to going nude at home. Here are ten ways spending more time naked can be beneficial for your overall wellbeing.

Burns ‘Bad’ Fat

It is common to bundle up as soon as the temperature starts to drop. Even just a change of a few degrees can be enough to make scarves and coats seem necessary. However, research shows that exposing the body to cold temperatures may not be such a bad thing. This is because the human body’s main supply of ‘good’ fat cells, known as brown adipose tissue, is located around the shoulder blades and neck. When exposed to cold temperatures, this tissue proliferates and kills the’ bad’ fat cells, the white adipose tissue. Going naked at home when the weather is cooler may help brown adipose tissue proliferate so it can work its magic.