10 Ways To Look And Feel Better Right Now

Looking and feeling better right now is easier than it seems. A few small changes go a long way towards making one look and feel great in no time. And it’s no secret that the way one looks often has a direct impact on how one feels, and vice versa. Here are ten, easy-to-commit-to tips that will show you how to make some positive changes that will help you become a brand-new version of yourself.

Start With Your Core

Aim to strengthen your core. A strong core will lead to tighter abs and improved balance and posture, all of which will help protect your back.  Sitting up straight is essential, so say no to slouching. And while not everyone enjoys the same types of exercises, there are many activities and moves that can help one build a sturdier core. Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, are all excellent options. But so are swimming or water workouts, sit-ups, lifting weights, cardio dancing (Zumba anyone?). You may need to do a little experimenting to discover what works for you. But once you find something that you enjoy and that is beneficial for your core, start a routine and keep going! The results are sure to follow. And remember to breathe. Proper breathing exercises have been shown to build endurance, which will keep you from giving up!