12 Reasons Why You Should Drink Hot Instead Of Cold Water

Many people know that experts recommend drinking eight glasses of water each day. What fewer people are aware of is the best temperature for drinking water. Although preferences vary, many people enjoy quenching their thirst by drinking a cold glass of water. However, drinking warm or hot water has a variety of additional benefits. Here are twelve benefits of drinking hot water instead of cold water.

Lose Weight

Drinking warm or hot water can improve weight loss by giving the metabolism a boost. Kickstart the metabolism in the morning by drinking a cup of warm or hot water with lemon added to it. Warm water and lemon have a detoxifying effect on the body. In addition, hot water can help to break down adipose tissue, also known as body fat. It also stays inside the stomach longer than cold water, which is absorbed more quickly by the body. Drinking hot water creates a feeling of fullness that lasts longer than that produced by drinking cold water. This can be helpful for avoiding snacking between meals and preventing overeating during meals.