Simple Ways To Know If You Are As Healthy As You Think You Are

Patients often report being in good health when asked by a doctor because physically, they feel perfectly fine. In reality, many patients are not as healthy as they believe they are. For the first time in history, chronic diseases have become more prevalent than infectious diseases. Many chronic diseases are underlying and often go unnoticed until they develop into a dangerous medical condition. Here are nineteen signs to be aware of for an accurate understanding of physical and mental health.

Inflammation Levels Are Normal

Inflammation is at the core of almost every chronic health problem in modern society. It is caused by a complex biological reaction to damaged cells, irritants, and harmful pathogens. Inflammation is a physiological response intended to reduce swelling, decrease irritation, and protect the area from further damage. The main symptoms of inflammation include reduced function (in the affected areas), localized heat, pain, redness, and swelling. The type of inflammation associated with chronic health conditions is long-lasting, low-grade inflammation, rather than the acute, short-term inflammation that develops during injuries that cause immediate swelling and pain. Lab tests from a doctor can provide valuable information about inflammation levels in the body.