Important Health Benefits You Can Get From Donating Blood

Satisfaction Of Saving Human Lives


Individuals who donate blood experience the mental health benefit of knowing they have helped another person. After receiving a blood transfusion that saved his life when he was young, Australian James Harrison decided to pay it forward and began donating blood as soon as he turned eighteen years old. Since this time, Harrison has made more than 1,100 blood donations over sixty-two years, making him the holder of a Guinness World Recordfor the most blood donations, though he has stopped donating due to his own health. Estimates suggest he has now saved the lives of two million unborn babies because of the rare genetic makeup of his plasma, which can treat Rhesus disease. Not everyone can donate blood as frequently as Harrison has. However, knowing that even a single donation of their blood can save up to three lives gives many a strong sense of satisfaction.

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