5 Special Medical Services Provided To The President of the USA

President Obama
© Bambi L. Dingman | Dreamstime Stock Photos

For such an important role in life, there is no patient that has such close medical care than the president of the United States. He doesn’t go anywhere without his doctor, nurses and paramedics. They are ready for any medical situation the president requires. Here are five of the special medical services provided to the president

5. In-House Physician
The White House has in-house physician with the key role of ensuring the president of the United States remains in optimum health. The physician is appointed by the President himself and has his own office within the White House. He is responsible for giving medical care to all members of the president and his family as well as the vice president and his family.

4. Mini Urgent-Care Center
The office in the White House is known as a “mini urgent-care center”. There is a physician’s office along with private exam rooms. Basic medications are available to the president and his family at any time. In the event of a major emergency, there’s a crash cart for resuscitation.

The assigned physician doesn’t work alone. They oversee a team of medical professionals that include; five military physicians, five physician assistants, five nurses, three ambulance attendants along with administrators.

3. White House Physician “Shadows” the President Everywhere
The health and safety of the President of the United States is constantly monitored. He doesn’t go anywhere without his physician. The physician is often called the “shadow of the President” because of this. No matter where the President is, whether on the campaign trail or traveling overseas. His personal physician is there by his side for any health matters that arise.

2. Emergency Medical Service on the Presidential Plane
The presidential plane is an Air Force One operation and is equipped with a full emergency room. If an emergency should arise in the air, the White House doctor has access to an operating table and operating room lights.

The physician has all the emergency medical equipment to perform surgery on the President while in the air. As the plane is equipped for emergencies, it doesn’t have a medical laboratory or an X-ray machine. Those are things best left on the ground decidedly.

1. Medical Team Assists Dignitaries and White House Guests
The physician and the medical team are even responsible for ensuring the health of the president’s guests. There are over 1.5 million visitors that visit the White House annually along with international dignitaries and special guests. If necessary, the President’s medical team will be called upon to give care to someone visiting the White House.