6 Foods That Melt Away Panic And Reduce Stress

When dealing with stress, many people will turn to food for the wrong reasons and fill up on food that has little to no benefit. Overcoming anxiety or stress without prescription narcotics involves various lifestyle changes, including diet. Some foods increase stress levels in the body and by choosing the right types of food an individual can see a drastic change in overall mood and mental health. Various factors can determine anxiety levels and stress, but here are six foods that can help to calm the mind and provide useful anti-stress benefits.  These are not typical “comfort foods” such as take out or large amounts of sugar, but rather, simple foods that can be added to any diet.


Eggs are the most adaptable food in this slideshow and can be served in many different ways such as fried, in smoothies, on toast with bacon, or combined with rice, just to name a few. Combining eggs, salmon, and whole-grain toast is an ideal way to start the day and a great mood booster in the morning. Lowering blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and reducing the risk of developing a tumor are all known benefits of the simple egg. As well as promoting healthy hair and nails eggs can also help an individual lose weight and reduce oxidative stress in the bloodstream.  A deficiency in B vitamins can be associated with higher rates of psychological distress and anxiety, and fortunately, eggs are a great food that replenishes these mood enhancing vitamins. Crack an egg every morning, and a difference in overall mood and stress levels will certainly be noticed.